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About Us

K12Marketplace is a new book selling and buying venue built on 15 years of industry experience. With pre-approved sellers and an ever-expanding list of schools looking for great deals and high quality materials: K12Marketplace is a one-stop-shop that is changing the way textbooks change hands.

K12Marketplace is the procurement venue for educational professionals to gain access to multiple qualified vendors, extensive inventory, and competitive pricing without the need for multiple searches, complicated price comparisons, issuing multiple purchase orders and multiple payments. K12Marketplace is committed to saving both educators and vendors time and money.

K12Marketplace pools the inventory of many companies both large and small to offer schools and districts the large inventory they seek and the ability to shop competing sources all from one site. In most cases K12Marketplace meets the 3 quote requirement used by schools and districts prior to issuing a purchase order.

K12Marketplace connects school buyers with qualified textbook vendors. Until now, a vendor who had the best product at the best price might be overlooked or dismissed by a large school or district because it couldn’t fill the school’s entire order. But now, if the George Washington Tree Choppers need 250 American History books and three K12Marketplace vendors can fill the order (contributing 100, 100, and 50), K12Marketplace finalizes the order with the school, coordinates shipping, provides the school with a single invoice, and pays each vendor accordingly. The entire order, regardless of the number of selected products or vendors, can be secured with a single purchase order.

This way, the school is assured the best price, the highest quality, and the freedom to buy in the quantities they need without being constricted by overly complicated logistics. Vendors get unprecedented access to school buyers from across the country they might otherwise never connect with.

K12Marketplace ensures that schools get the most bang for their buck, and vendors get a fighting chance to compete and deliver in ways they never could before.

Where Amazon still requires shoppers to filter through dozens (and sometimes hundreds of sellers), K12Marketplace lets schools define what they want and then K12Marketplace provides the top qualified sellers that match their criteria. K12Marketplace is the Kayak to the current marketplace’s Amazon.

Vendors get:

· Instant credibility as a vetted, approved seller

· Access to niche buyers

· Marketing, logistics, and invoicing of buyers handled by K12Marketplace leaving you time to concentrate on managing and expanding your inventory

· Complete fulfillment service

School buyers get:

· Access to pre-approved vendors who must maintain quality and efficiency to remain approved.

· The ability to buy from multiple vendors but receive just one invoice

· The option to secure their order with a purchase order or prepay using a credit or procurement card

· A single point of contact from shopping to shipping to customer service


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