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How This Site Works

K12Marketplace is a website dedicated exclusively to serving K-12 schools and simplifying the purchasing process.  This site will allow you to:

Search or Multi-Search: Enter one or as many ISBN numbers as you wish.

Guess what!

Search results will be grouped per ISBN and in the order entered.

Results are displayed in a column format with price, quantity available, condition and other vital criteria for quick viewing, comparison, and selection.

Results are queried from one or more qualified vendors.

Filter Results: select the filter you wish to delineate results.

This is the good partů..

Required quantity can be made up of one or more results.  If 300 are required and each search result only has 100 available then enter 100 in each result, select Add to Cart and the quantities will be added to your cart.  Do this for one or as many items as required.

ONE PO (or preferred method of payment) will be required.

K12Marketplace will issue One Invoice, ensure that the books are shipped and paid for accordingly, whether the books are from One Vendor, Three, More.

Grab your list

Enter it once

View results in the order entered

Make the selections you want

Pay Once

Receive one invoice

Questions or Problems

Our customer service department is second to none. We are only a call or click away. We offer customer service via phone, fax, email or live chat.

K12Marketplace features multiple vendors openly competing for school purchasing dollars. Search results often return products from many different vendors all charging different prices. In most instances K12Marketplace meets the requirement that schools and districts obtain 3 quotes before making a purchase, all without having to search multiple sites.

K12Marketplace qualifies and only accepts vendors with a proven record of success providing quality new and used textbooks to schools.  Each Vendor offering products agrees to abide by a strict code of conduct with regard to the sale and or purchase of textbooks and is required to maintain the highest ethical standards.

Our website operates as a free marketplace with each vendor setting their own prices but all operating under a few simple common policies. The condition of all products must be clearly posted along with the price and quantity available for purchase.

Feel free to place items from multiple listings in your cart. Many schools and districts find that in order to get the quantity of an item they need in the condition they require at the most competitive price it makes sense to pick and choose quantities from several listings in the desired condition.  Others simply purchase what they need from one supplier while benefiting from the savings created by vendors openly competing on one website for your purchasing dollars.

All orders can be tracked on the website from the customer order history page.

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