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Condition Guidelines for Textbooks

New condition
Book is unissued and shows no signs of wear, but may contain a school stamp or school number inside the book. All materials that originally came with the book are present.

Professionally Rebound
A new digitally reproduced cover that looks like the original has been applied to the book and shows no signs of wear. Book edges have been trimmed making the book appear in very clean like new condition on the outside. Binding is tight and contents are intact, clean, and show very minor signs of wear.

Like New
Like New book may have been issued and may contain a school stamp or school number inside the cover. Book cover shows almost no wear, corners are not worn, and contents are clean and intact. All edges are clean and free of marking.

Excellent Used Condition
The book is still tightly bound with all pages intact. The book cover, contents, corners show very minimal signs of wear. Book may contain a school stamp or number on the inside and/or neatly written on the edge. No other markings should be present on the book edge; book is clean, and free of additional writing.

Good Used
Book cover shows some minor wear and corners may have a small amount of cardboard showing. Contents are clean and intact and may contain a school stamp, number, or other minor markings on the inside and/or on the edge. Contents may contain minimal writing in pencil and/or minimal highlighting.

Cover may be scratched, show wear, and corners may be frayed showing cardboard or bent, but book is clean, no pages missing, with tight binding. Book may contain minimal writing in ink and some highlighting. Book may have school name, number or other markings inside cover, on the book edge and/or on the spine.

Super Saver
Book cover may be considerably worn, written on, and all four corners may show considerable cardboard, but is still intact. There are no missing pages, but book may contain considerable writing in ink and highlighting may be extensive. The book may have been rebound without the original cover and since had considerable use. ISBN may not be visible on the outside of the book and the title page may be missing, but the title will be clearly stamped on either the cover or spine.

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